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Maybe the 4-star services would not be complete at Hotel Savoy, without the gym and sauna - two permanent attractions of the hotel. To keep fit and to ward off everyday stress, the hotel offers the ideal place for relaxation or for a healthy exercise.

Dry sauna has at least 1000 years of history behind. It says sauna comes from Finland. Once in the '20s Finnish athletes have brought their sauna at the Olympics and since then it has expanded rapidly. Sauna is a way of relaxation and therapy practiced since ancient times by many nations: Native Americans decompressing by what is now called “sweat lodge”,the Turks had their “hammam`s”, the Romans had their ”thermae`s”, the Aztecs and Mayans –the “temescalli”, the Jews practice the “Shvitz” and the Japanese the –“Mushi-Buro“. However, the Finns are those who have "patented" Heat and steam baths and popularized them in contemporary society. Also at usthe "sweat bath" quickly gained many followers, and their ranks are continuously expanding.

Saunais made of wood. Inside the cabinsitsan electric heatercovered withstonesmeant tokeepthe temperatureconstant. Anexternal thermostatregulates the temperature, while aninternalthermometeranda hygrometermeasures temperature andhumidity. Thesaunareaches a temperature of80-900C and a humidityof 10-15%.Humiditycan be increasedeasilybysplashingthe hot stones with water.

Dry sauna benefits are numerous and targeting several areas.
Sauna dilates the pores cleaning them thoroughly.
Physical and mental relaxation is an adjacent benefit of the sauna. Heat is designed to relax muscles and therefore sauna is especially recommended after an intensivefitness workout.
Induced sweating removes toxins from the body. The more water you drink during the sauna session, the more you sweat more and you eliminate more toxins.

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